Printing Day

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October 4, 2019
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Printing Day

We’ve had a massive order placed this morning for one of our favourite clients, using both embroidery and Vinyl Printing.  The print consists of his own design on the front, with an embroidered medal on the right arm.

Lots to keep us busy.

The process to complete this is that we use a program to create & size the logo, before we print using our special Plotter Cutter machine that cuts the design onto the vinyl, which we later ‘weed’ out so that we are now left with the final design. Once that’s complete we place our garment onto the Heat Press machine and place the vinyl over the top and in the position requested.  We then press the clothing at 150° for 30 Seconds, before letting it cool and peeling the left over plastic away, this leaves the original design on the clothing.

We can use different colours, fonts, styles and many more for personalisation of your choice.

Give us a call on 01482 606622.